Sunday, 6 September 2015

Stationary Haul | 2015


I know, I know two hauls in a row, oops. But this one is for back to school purposes and I know I'm a little late because most people are going back to school tomorrow, or have already started last week, but better late than never, right? 

I didn't get too much stuff because I actually do online learning at the moment so I didn't need too much, but I am starting year 10 which is obviously the year I start GCSE's so I wanted to get some folders and things. I got everything, apart from one thing, from Paperchase and I will link everything I got. 

The first few things I got were a arch file (basically the same as a ring binder), some subject dividers for it and 5 document files. I just thought they'd come in handy, so I got them haha. 

Arch file:
Subject dividers:
Document files:

The next things I got were a 10 subject notebook and a plain notebook. The first one is an essential and I'll use it for revision notes and things like that. The second one isn't for school, but I'm going to use it for blog stuff so I can be more organised (yay!) I got it plain because I'm going to decorate it myself, woo! 

10 subject notebook:
Plain notebook:

The next things I got were a pack of 12 fine liner pens and a pack of 5 panda highlighters. Can we just talk about the panda highlighters for a second? THEY ARE SO FREAKING CUTE! I love them so much oh my goodness! They also do cat, Russian doll, bear, and other versions of the highlighters too.  

Fine liner pens:
Panda highlighters:

The next thing I got from Paperchase was a globe sharpener and it's pretty self explanatory really. I decided to get my pens from Tesco because you get more for a cheaper price and I just prefer these ones to be honest haha. I also only got them in blue because I don't like writing in black, bit weird I know but hey ho. I didn't get any pencils because there wasn't any in Tesco which was a bit annoying really, but my mum will probably pick some up on Tuesday and I have one left from last year that will do for now anyway. 

Globe sharpener:

The final things I got were these two rubbers. THEY ARE SO ADORABLE! I am literally in love with them, they are so cute! Paperchase also do other animal ones in case you don't like these two, but seriously who wouldn't think these were cute?! 

Polar bear rubber:
Elephant rubber:

So that's everything I got, it's not a huge amount but as I said I do online learning at the moment so I don't need too much. I hope you enjoyed this post regardless and I will see you in my next one! Thank you for reading!